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The most efficient way to mine cryptocurrency

Reduce operational downtime and increase ASIC/GPU efficiency by leveraging our best in class mining platform.

Gain clarity on your mining operation

Luxor knows that mining pools can feel like black-boxes. That's why we rebuilt the mining stack from the ground-up, with a laser focus on three core values: efficiency, reliability, and transparency.

  • Stable mining income with PPS

    With Pay-Per-Share, miners can deploy their machines knowing that there won't be volatility in their payouts.

  • Powerful and user-friendly analytics

    Hashing might be done by machines, but behind every fleet of rigs sit a human operator. We've built a powerful analytics platform to give real-time insights on your rig's performance.

Automatically get paid out in Bitcoin

With Catalyst™ , you can stop worrying about how to get your mined altcoins to an exchange in order to cash-out. Our pricing engine automatically quotes your hashrate directly in BTC, so you can stack sats with any coin we support.

  • Mine ZEC. Earn BTC.

    You can now earn Bitcoin with your altcoin miner. Catalyst pays rewards in Bitcoin when your minimum payout threshold is met. Mining just became a little bit easier.


Equihash Profit-Switching

Introducing Switch™, our proprietary profit-switching pool that maximizes earnings by switching between blockchains to maximize Equihash hashrate rewards. Other algorithms coming soon.

  • One Algorithm. Many Chains.

    Choosing which coin to mine is often a balance of risk and reward. Luxor Switch removes the pain of profit-switching, by automatically directing your hashrate to the most optimal chain.

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